From stomach bloating to stomach pain to stomach pain and diarrhea

Sep 21 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

On the first day, I got up early with stomach distension and a little nausea, vomited a little water (not too acidic), ate a small amount of BBQ duck neck wine etc. that day, no stool, felt obvious stomach distension and indigestion, no pain.The next day loss of appetite, stomach distension, ate iced spicy, the evening began to obvious stomach pain, stool normal.Drank Sanjiu stomach medicine.On the third day the stomach pain increased and started drinking millet porridge.Took one morpholine capsule and the bloating was relieved.Overall pain above the navel and started to have a small amount of diarrhea.I had stomach pain when I drank porridge and was afraid to eat.Now my stomach has been vaguely uncomfortable above my belly button. Can the above description confirm what the disease is?

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