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Help a friend consult the chest X-ray results

Dec 24 20213 people replied
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I have a foreign friend (he is also in a foreign country), male, in his 70s, who had walking pneumonia about a month ago. The reason may be that when he was cleaning the weeds in the yard, there were a lot of mushrooms in the yard. He didn't wear a mask, so he was infected by fungi, which led to walking pneumonia). Then he should be much better after looking for a local doctor for treatment. Then I had a chest X-ray about last week, and the results are as follows: chestxray reeveaspersistentstreakyspace in her right lower lower lower duetoscarring left behind by the center of Europe Due to the scar left by recent (walking) pneumonia, chest X-ray showed striped opacity (unclear stripes) in the lower right lobe. Excuse me: 1 What do you mean by cloudy stripes (unclear stripes)? What's the impact? 2. Will this scar heal and disappear? Or forever? 3. How can walking pneumonia be cured? Is he recovering soon? Can he get the flu vaccine or the vaccine related to walking pneumonia? thank you!

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