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My child said it was a virus infection that caused the fever

Nov 29 20213 people replied
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My child had a fever on Tuesday. He coughed the next day after the fever. He went to the hospital for blood routine examination, chlamydia infection and chest X-ray. He said it was bronchitis. He drank azithromycin and the fever subsided the next day. But he slept at noon the third day and began to have a fever. We went to the hospital again. The doctor said it was a viral cold and prescribed rexiqing, Jinlianhua and ambrotrol. Later, at our request, Erythromycin was given to the patient, but now erythromycin has been given for a day. The child still has a fever every 4.5 hours and burns to about 39 °. At present, he still has no spirit when he has a fever. He has to take ibuprofen to reduce the fever every time he has a fever. At present, the child has the symptoms of fever, cough and runny nose. Please ask the doctor to help see what liquid or medicine my child should take in order to reduce the fever. We are worried about the discomfort of old children with fever.

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