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The floor of the left foot hurts. It's been a year

Dec 22 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The middle of the foot of the sole board is close to the ground, and it hurts inside. It's like someone pinching it. A year ago, when I practiced one leg flat support, I felt my ass pulled for a moment. Then the left ass was hot and painful for three days. After acupuncture and moxibustion, a week later, the sole board stepped on the ground and began to numb. Then the whole leg hurts, like the pain of countless hands pinching you. Go to the hospital and the doctor said that the waist may protrude, The waist MRI and CT showed that they were normal, so there was no further treatment. Up to now, one year, the buttocks often hurt. When it hurts, the soleplate of the feet will hurt. When it hurts, there is a hard horizontal strip line touching the buttocks, and the knee also hurts behind the contact of the lower legs. According to a hard strip line, a certain area of the buttocks' skin will become numb after sitting for a long time. Please ask the doctor, what's the disease? It's ok if walking hurts. Just lie down for a while, Lying down for a long time will also hurt

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