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Stomach acid, hiccups and indigestion after meals

Dec 24 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I don't like breakfast at ordinary times. I eat irregularly and like to sit. I had hiccups and sour water in my throat after dinner. I recovered after taking medicine for a week. Recently, I began to feel uncomfortable again, burping. The food rolled back and forth in my stomach. I felt my throat was blocked. I also burped when drinking water. I felt uncomfortable on the top of my breath. Now I've eaten rabeprazole and mosapride citrate tablets for about two weeks. The above symptoms are a little better, but I still feel hot and sour in my stomach. I don't dare to eat more. At present, there will be bursts of acid in my stomach around 2 to 3 hours after dinner, Sometimes I can't tell whether I'm hungry or what. After eating, it will be relieved, but then I start to burp stomach acid. This cycle repeats, especially the stomach acid is very uncomfortable and I always feel indigestion. What's the matter? You can't sit after dinner. You have to stand for a while or digest in your stomach after a walk. Will you feel a bit of food accumulation? Would you like to continue taking medicine now? Now it's mainly that the acid in the stomach is very uncomfortable after a meal. How long can it be better with medication? Thank the doctor for answering!

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