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Finger itching, eczema, water, dry skin, half a year

Dec 19 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Two fingers are itchy. They become more itchy when they encounter the environment with high temperature or after grasping. There are many dense small holes, in which water will come out. After crusting, it will be yellow. After water comes out, the skin will break. At present, the skin is dry and cracked in winter. It has a great impact on life. After seeing the doctor twice, I applied the anti allergic compound beclomethasone camphor ointment, jindakning and Qingpeng ointment. It didn't work. No matter what ointment was applied, it would exude liquid. There was often tinea pedis before, which had recovered, but the fingers had been scratched, so the doctor thought it was mycotic eczema. In addition, I also had a lot of eczema on my stomach, which has recovered after applying anti allergic drugs.

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