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How should pulmonary nodules be treated?

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Description Of Condition:

Imaging findings: mixed density nodules with a diameter of about 6mm and clear boundary are seen in the anterior segment of the upper lobe of the right lung. Multiple solid and pure ground glass density nodules with a diameter of less than 5m were seen in the remaining lungs. The remaining bilateral lung fields are clear, no abnormal density shadow is found, and the bronchial vessels of both lungs run eastward and are naturally distributed. The trachea and bronchus are unobstructed, the tube wall is smooth, and there is no stenosis, expansion or compression change. There was no enlargement of bilateral hilar, soft tissue density shadow in anterior mediastinum, and no lymphadenopathy. The size and shape of the heart are normal. The shape of the thorax is normal, there is no abnormal change in the chest wall, and there is no pleural effusion. No swollen lymph nodes are found in bilateral armpits. No definite bone destruction was found in the ribs and thoracic vertebrae.

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