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Bleeding after taking short acting contraceptives

Dec 06 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have never had sex before, but in order to adjust the test cycle, I took Bayer yousiyue contraceptive. The first day I took it was November 12, and tonight it was the 25th day (I started taking the first white pill, I don't know if it was invalid?) At ordinary times, the amount of menstruation is large, 6-7 days, and the cycle is stable (a cycle of 27-31 days). However, from the beginning of taking medicine, there has been intermittent brown blood and secretions after the end of menstruation. There have been more and more in the past three days. There was even bright red blood one night three days ago, but the color was darker the next day. Recently, some strips have been often found. What is this? After consulting the doctor, the doctor told me that "if my menstrual volume is greater than one sanitary napkin every day, I'll come to my aunt", but I take medicine on 11.12 and should come to my aunt on 12.9. It's only 12.6 today. I've changed sanitary napkins several times. What's the matter? Am I not normal? The doctor has stopped me from taking white tablets and I have finished eating powder tablets. Isn't it 28 days for anyone to eat menstrual cycle? My blood color is dark now. Do I come to my aunt

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