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Ask your cardiologist to answer questions about myocardial bridge

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Description Of Condition:

Anxiety disorder for more than two years. In October, there was slight pain in the left chest, and sometimes it was not obvious. There would be pain when pressing, body movement, lying on the left side, leaning over and wearing shoes. The blood indexes of cardiology department were normal, ECG was once blocked, coronary CTA myocardial bridge. After reading the paper report, the doctor opened sustained-release tablets and Shexiang Baoxin Pill without looking at the image. He had questions in his heart. Should coronary stenosis cause chest pain? If it's narrow, will it be pointed out in the image report? But the report says the myocardial bridge and its length. So is left chest pain caused by myocardial bridge? Or anxiety? During this period, I was a little tired of lifting things. I was asthmatic and had a fast heartbeat, but my chest pain did not worsen, or for other reasons. In the last two or three months, the calf feels soft, especially after the foot is hard. I felt chest pain was caused by wearing protective clothing to work in October and covering my heartbeat for 170 two or three hours. At that stage, my heartbeat was still easy and fast, but after that, my heartbeat was much more stable. By November, my heartbeat was basically normal

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