Vaginitis with metronidazole suppositories three days after some pink discharge

Sep 20 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I had an abortion on the 25th of last month and the doctor said that it was clean and I didn't bleed much, but I kept bleeding a little bit for 14 days and then I went for a review and did an ultrasound and said that there was no problem and then I did an internal examination and said that my uterus was posterior and I didn't walk much to have bruising and there was no problem and no inflammation and I walked around a little bit and then I was fine the day after the examination and I started bleeding like I was having my period and there were blood clots and asked the doctor and he said that it should beI used a clotrimazole vaginal tablet and on the third day it was like a pink discharge mixed with drug residue.

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