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How should I choose hypertension medication in my case?

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Description Of Condition:

Male, 22 years old, present with systolic blood pressure 150-160 and diastolic blood pressure 80-90. Three years ago, blood pressure was normal and six months ago, high blood pressure was found by chance.Now, after two weeks of continuous consultation, the doctor diagnosed primary hypertension.The heartbeat is normal due to nervousness, but the rest is normal.He eats normally and does not touch alcohol or tobacco.On average, he sleeps at 12:30 and gets up at 7:30 at school, and sleeps at 1 and gets up at 9 at home.I have been working out for 3 years, mainly 4 times a week for an hour of moderate intensity strength training, occasional aerobic running, one multivitamin tablet a day, and 30g of whey protein powder daily on training days, and now I am fit and healthy, without much fat.Psychologically, he is slightly prone to nervousness, anxiety and excitement, and he loves to be more serious, but he can control his external emotions.In the past three years, I have been under high academic pressure, and my classmates have been having more fun, so I need to continue to overcome the bad environment to study.My blood pressure did not improve too much when I came home for two months during the holidays.My parents have no symptoms of hypertension.How should I choose antihypertensive medication without affecting exercise performance and with low side effects?

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