A couple of millimeter wounds infect HIV syphilis?

Sep 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I don't know if my nails or what, will touch my fingers or arm, yesterday's class, correcting the action is a little stronger, my arm was scraped a little, no obvious blood, on a 1 to 2 mm size red spot, this is no obvious blood of a very small wound will be infected with blood type diseases?(For example, AIDS syphilis or something) because reading the information that the wound belongs to the blood transmission route, since then began the journey of fear of wounds, I did not know that multiple wounds can be infectious, usually outside more attention to their own do not break the skin.Feel a little afraid to go to class (I have yoga classes and piano lessons), all need a little bit of occasional physical contact.There may be small bumps in contact, and I'm worried about transmitting diseases from wound to wound between small bumps.Is it usually necessary to pay special attention to this kind of contact?

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