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Feeling fast heartbeat, hard to relieve

Sep 19 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have been drinking coffee continuously for a long time, and two hours after drinking iced tea this afternoon, I felt my heart beating fast after eating, and deep breathing only eased it for a while, then it started beating fast again.After going to the school medical office, I was prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate tablets and told to take 1/4 tablet, and I still felt a little panicky after eating it, probably less than half an hour ago.Now it's all at once good and all at once feels like it's beating fast again this week there was also a time in the morning when I felt panic, and I relieved it by taking deep breaths.The pressure of preparing for the exams is also very high, the mental tension is relatively high, there was also a tinnitus some time ago, feel also very easily tired.

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