Chest muscle pain, pelvic pain, drop pillow

Sep 19 20211 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I am 32 years old.I am in good health and basically have no disease.In May this year, everything was normal except for fatty liver.I am a seafarer.On September 1, I was resting on the armrest of a high sofa.It caused pain in the area where it touches the neck.It feels the same as a drop pillow.At that time did not take it too seriously, the next few days, there is no rest, coupled with heavy workload, too much force, the body is also more tired.The pain was worse.This includes the back of the head which is connected to the neck, and the shoulder which is connected to the neck plus the back.Because of my job, I have to go to work every day and also on weekends.About September 6, I asked my colleague for two boxes of Musk Bone Patch.The pain subsided slightly after about three or four days.Twisting the neck was less painful.But the muscle pain started to appear in the upper part of the chest.On September 14, the pain started in the pelvis of the left leg (the area where the muscle injection was given).I also applied safflower oil.On September 16, I continued to apply Musk Bone Patch to my right chest and left pelvis.At present, the most painful part of the chest has shifted down a bit, and its position is about the lower left side of the right nipple.The pelvic bone still hurts, and the stomach pain in the back of the neck is tolerable.The last two days, if the process of sitting up from lying down pelvic bone is very painful, so get up can only slowly from lying down to crawling, then in pouting, then kneeling.I would like to ask the doctor what medication I should take since I can't currently seek medical attention and the crew can't get off the floor because of the epidemic, and if the cause of my illness is just a drop pillow plus a muscle strain?I've never experienced anything like this before.The pillow used to heal on its own within two or three days.I beg the doctor to enlighten me.

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