Some irregularities in menstruation, uneven lining, thick lining

Sep 18 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello doctor, my period has always been normal, but this month I don't know why it was delayed for half a month, it was supposed to come at the end of August, but it was delayed until the day before yesterday (16th), and I took progesterone for 5 days from September 5th to September 10th.I went to the gynecologist on the 17th of last month because of frequent non-menstrual bleeding, which used to be fine, only bleeding during the days of ovulation, but in July it was very abnormal, bleeding intermittently, then I took an ultrasound, the lining was uneven, there was a cyst on the right ovary, the gynecologist of the women and children thought there might be polyps or other lesions and told me to go for a hysteroscopy at the end of my period.Today, on the third day of my period, I went for this hormone 6 test and this is the result.Do I need to have a hysteroscopy after my period?Or should I go directly to the fertility department?Will it affect pregnancy?I'm planning to start preparing for pregnancy at the end of the year.Thank you for your help!

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