Stomach discomfort occasionally a little bloated, stool thin and sticky but a little type

Sep 19 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I had gastroenteritis before.I got a shot and got better later.Some time ago, the same symptoms started to occur again.I went to the toilet several times a day, all with diarrhea.Maybe after a few days, I took Gastrointestinal Pills and Montelukast on my own.The stools are formed, but now they are still a bit thin and sticky, and for several days there are just no hard stools.The upper abdomen hurts occasionally.I am still taking Gastrointestinal Pills and Bacillus licheniformis capsules.I don't go to the bathroom as many times a day as I did before, but my stool is sticky and thin, and my stomach is always bloated.When I eat something, my stomach rumbles.

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