How to eat weight loss products fat film open?Are there any side effects?

Mar 18 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Now in addition to bowel movements, stomach grumbling, sometimes diarrhea, other than okay, they give the product said to be conditioning the body, clear the body of waste, open the decomposition of fat open fat film!Said the fat film open, I do not continue the second phase will rebound more difficult to lose weight!The first stage of weight loss is not, said the conditioning body, eat collagen powder, lactose probiotics, Dome Gulu probiotics, bitter melon pressed candy, snow lotus pressed candy, rose enzyme, protein shake these kinds of!But I do not want to continue the second stage of weight loss, he said the first stage of implementation does not continue will rebound, I would like to ask that I do not continue to eat, I exercise to lose weight, control the diet, will have an impact on the body?(Anonymous, female, 33 years old)

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