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What to do if a cystic mass at the perineum becomes septic and ruptures

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Description Of Condition:

The inflammatory mass continued to increase in size, with subcutaneous redness and hardness at the periphery of the mass, and several small red papules near the large mass.He was registered in the general, dermatological and plastic surgery departments, and the outpatient doctor gave the diagnosis of folliculitis, boils and sebaceous cysts respectively.The post-integration doctor recommended that oral cefradin be started six days ago, and the lump suppurated and ulcerated the next afternoon (picture below), during which a pus plug appeared and later fell off on its own.At present, the lump has shrunk, but there is still a red and swollen lump under the skin near the rupture, and the pus head rupture has not crusted over yet, and there is still a very small amount of pus and blood coming out, and the skin around the rupture is dark and has a distinct crust when touched.I would like to ask whether my symptoms are folliculitis, boils or sebaceous cysts.If it is a folliculitis or a boil, should I continue to take medication until it heals on its own?If it is a sebaceous cyst, do I have to continue taking medication until all the lumps have subsided before having surgery to remove them?

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