The lumbar vertebra is bad and has repeated pain. You might as well do these things well, or it can help you relieve discomfort

2022-07-26 16:36:00

Many modern people have the problem of lumbar pain, and they generally don't pay much attention to it. They think it's just a pain for a while. If it doesn't hurt, it's all right. In this way, over the years, the lumbar spine will be seriously damaged.

At that time, protecting the lumbar spine has become an urgent but powerless problem. It is too late to regret not taking measures to protect the lumbar spine as soon as possible.

In fact, it is not difficult to improve the lumbar spine. As long as you pay attention to some details in life, the lumbar spine can slowly heal itself.

So what should I do if my lumbar spine is bad? Do the following five things.

1. Correct sitting posture

If the lumbar spine is not good, we should not only pay attention to the standing posture, but also pay attention to the sitting posture. If a posture is maintained for too long, it is easy to damage the fibrous ring, resulting in lumbar disc herniation. In addition, bending over for a long time will make the lumbar spine bear too much pressure, resulting in too much lumbar curvature, which is easy to cause lumbar disease.

In life, we should pay attention to maintain a correct sitting posture. When sitting in a chair, we should only sit for one-third, and then stretch out our chest and abdomen, keep relaxed, and keep the lumbar spine straight. Such a sitting posture will cause the least damage to the lumbar spine.

2. Pay attention to rest

The waist cannot be overworked. Some people bend over for a long time to work, carry and unload heavy objects, which is very easy to damage the lumbar spine, leading to the decline of lumbar function, and often prone to lumbar disease.

If there is lumbar discomfort or even pain, you should pay more attention to rest at ordinary times, and don't overwork your lumbar spine.

For example, some sanitation workers and construction workers should pay attention to relaxing the waist at ordinary times, apply hot compress to the waist before going to bed, apply hot compress to the painful parts with hot water bags or hot towels, and push with appropriate strength, which can effectively alleviate waist fatigue.

3. Watch your sleeping position

When sleeping, try to adopt supine or side lying posture. Supine is the best. This sleeping posture has the largest force area at the waist. When lying on your back, you can also put a cushion under the knee to help relax the lumbar spine;

When lying on your side, bend your knees as much as possible to keep your knees relaxed. You can also clip a cushion between your knees.

The pillow should be low and flat, but it should not be too soft. It must have supporting force. It is best to use latex pillow or round buckwheat pillow for lumbar vertebrae. The mattress should not be too soft. A mattress with moderate softness and hardness is more conducive to lumbar relaxation.

4. Keep warm

In addition to poor posture, lumbar spine disease is also partly caused by cold in the waist. If you don't pay attention to keeping warm in the waist, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the waist, resulting in accumulation of moisture, which is easy to damage the lumbar muscles.

If it is a person who has waist pain problems, it is easy to take a step closer to injury and aggravate the disease. The warm waist environment is conducive to alleviate the problems of waist acidity, pain and spasm, and also has the effect of local weight loss;

Therefore, women should wear less open waist clothes, low waist pants and eat less raw and cold food; Men should try to avoid being naked outside, and don't blow directly against fans and air conditioners.

5. Proper waist movement

The waist is an important part of the human body. In life, we should strengthen the exercise of the waist to avoid the problems of stiffness and poor local circulation of the lumbar spine, which can enhance the lumbar function and exercise flexibility.

You can choose swimming, soldier ball, hula hoop, yoga, etc. these sports can effectively train the waist, and will not be too intense. The time is not very long, and you can move to the waist. In addition, you can twist your waist or lie on the bed and do the action of swallows flying.

Of course, in addition to the above five points, we should also work hard on diet. Generally, a poor lumbar vertebra indicates a lack of calcium, so you can supplement calcium appropriately and eat more foods with high calcium content, such as milk, seafood, bean products, etc; You can also take a certain amount of calcium supplements under the guidance of a doctor. Usually, you should pay more attention to the outdoor sun, which helps to promote calcium absorption.

Usually, when the waist is uncomfortable, you can also choose waist acupuncture, massage, acupoint injection and other rehabilitation treatments to help the waist recover.

Usually, when the waist is uncomfortable, you can also choose waist acupuncture, massage, acupoint injection and other rehabilitation treatments to help the waist recover.

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