The happiest person in the world! What has the 66 year old second uncle cured after being brushed?

2022-07-27 10:04:00

What is the purpose of a person in this life?

This philosophical topic must have 1000 hamlets for 1000 readers.

Recently, a blogger took an 11 minute biography of his second uncle in his hometown on a social platform. Just an 11 minute video made countless Netizens feel "cured" and "moved".

This extremely short film seems a little boring, but it is an ordinary short life with strong vitality, but it shows us the "ordinary life" of the previous generation.

The blogger used a cold monologue to talk about his regret that his second uncle's minor illness was misdiagnosed and left with lifelong disability. There is a legendary heaven's reward for food in the countryside;

There is the kindness of adopting an abandoned child and bringing her up; There are also love or "scandals" that depend on women who have not divorced.

At the same time, there are also 66 year old Chinese filial piety who goes out to make money with an 88 year old mother, as well as inexplicably untimely abrupt performance art

An ordinary Chinese man wrote it with the simplest Chinese characters.

As netizens said: God closed a door for the second uncle, and the second uncle himself made a three bedroom and one living room.

Loving life is the essence of life

Romanroland once said: there is only one kind of true heroism in this world, that is, to recognize the truth of life and still love it.

However, many people in the world can play a good hand, but few people want to play a bad hand, and the second uncle in the video is one of the few "bad cards".

He did not sink into the mire of regret, nor complain about the misfortunes of life, but overcome all difficulties to pursue the victory of life, just as he wrote this sentence in his diary - "make up your mind, not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties, and strive for victory".

Is death really terrible?

People in this life, while loving life, but also calmly accept death.

However, in daily life, we taboo the topic of "death", especially when children discuss these topics, perhaps at a certain moment, death education will be placed in front of us unprepared.

If we choose to avoid, choose otherwise, or perfunctory, one stroke, may leave negative emotions for death, or produce extreme behavior in the future.

The proper attitude is to accept death correctly and calmly

Does "reflection" really exist?

Everyone is in awe of death, and will continue to die from the moment of birth, but the vast majority of people still do not have the courage to face death.

Many people have experienced life and death, and have seen the so-called "afterglow". Some people who have experienced "near death" have also experienced physical reactions before death.

Modern medical research has found that many people are very awake at the time of death, but many foreign medical magazines have reported that the brain can still remain awake at the time of death or when the heart stops beating.

Objectively speaking, human beings can feel death at the moment of the end of life.

What does the body experience when people die?

1. Natural death

In the eyes of Chinese people, this kind of death is called "dying of old age".

The first step of natural death is the loss of brain consciousness. At this time, the "command center" of the human body can no longer command any organ of the body.

When the brain dies, it will be accompanied by aphasia, hunger, thirst and other manifestations, followed by a slow loss of vision and hearing, as well as a sharp drop in body temperature and gradual appearance of spots on the skin. Life will not end until the last breath is swallowed.

2. Unnatural death

For people who die unnaturally, the body's response is different with different ways of death.

Common car accident deaths, the dead will be violently hit, which will lead to visceral fragmentation and subsequent pain. At this time, the wound will gurgle and bleed. Once the blood loss is too large, the body temperature will drop rapidly, and finally the vital signs will disappear completely.

Will there be "reflection" before people die?

Many people also believe in the saying of "reflection".

In fact, the so-called "reflection" is actually a strong "struggle" when life is about to die. At this time, the brain will command the body to secrete adrenocortical and medullary hormones, and ATP will also be rapidly converted into ADP.

This process can provide a lot of energy to the human body and promote the dying people to cheer up quickly. It seems that it is no different from the healthy people. In fact, the "reflection" is not far from death.

"Reflection" is actually a "Carnival" before death, and after the "Carnival", death will quietly come, take away the patient's "soul" and leave a body empty.

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves

Back to the previous video, bloggers mentioned----

"The first happy person in the world is one who does not need to be responsible for others. The second happy person is one who never looks back." "People often find that the greatest regret in life is to regret the past when they are dying."

Life is accidental, death is inevitable, and death, after all, is a link that human beings cannot avoid.

It is also because we are calm about death that we understand that the death of all things is inevitable. We need to pay more attention to love and cherish life, know how to respect other lives, and express our love and concern for the animals and plants in nature and the people around us.

We need to know that death leaves more than sadness; The passing of life does not mean the separation of love.

Don't ask the way, don't remember the way home, be the happiest person.

#My second uncle cured my spiritual internal friction#

#My second uncle cured my spiritual internal friction#

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