The first ambush has passed, and the middle ambush has come! What are the best health taboos to avoid in the hottest days of the dog days

2022-07-26 18:31:00

The first ambush has passed, and the middle ambush has come.

July 26 - August 14 is the middle of the dog days, and it is also the hottest period of the dog days.

The weather is also awesome. According to the orange high temperature warning signal issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory at 6:00 on July 26, it is expected that during the day of July 26, there will be high temperature weather above 35 ℃ in Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China, Eastern Sichuan, Chongqing, eastern Guizhou and Southern Xinjiang basin.

Among them, the highest temperature in some areas of Southwest Zhejiang, northwest Fujian, Eastern and southern Jiangxi, Southeast Hunan and southern Xinjiang basin can reach more than 40 ℃

In hot summer, we should pay special attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling

As the most abundant time of the year, moderate depression means the hottest time of the year, when most areas are hot and hot.

If the ambient temperature is too high and the body temperature is out of control, the metabolic balance of water and salt in the body will be disordered, and heatstroke will easily occur.

If heatstroke is not relieved in time, it will be prone to consciousness disorders, explosive high temperature and organ failure. At this time, it is already an extremely dangerous severe heatstroke - heat stroke.

If not dealt with immediately, the death rate of this disease is quite high, so we must do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling.

What taboos should be avoided in dog days?

As the saying goes: three volts for a summer.

Facing the day with the highest temperature and humidity in a year, and also the day when all kinds of diseases pile up, how should we carry out the dog days regimen of "making heat with heat"?

Taboo 1: always keep doors and windows closed

In dog days, the weather is very hot. Some people stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time with all doors and windows closed, but staying in humid, stuffy and poorly ventilated rooms for a long time is also prone to heatstroke.

Ventilation without windows for a long time will also reduce indoor air quality, increase some suspended solids and bacteria in the air, and easily induce respiratory diseases.

Therefore, ensure that the window is opened for ventilation at least twice a day, and ventilation for about 30 minutes each time. Breathing fresh air is also good for the body.

Taboo 2: only eat fruit

In dog days, the body sweats a lot, and the physical strength is easy to be consumed, easy to fatigue, and no appetite.

Some people just choose to eat vegetables and fruits. If the nutrition is unbalanced for a long time, the body's immune system will be reduced, leading to disease.

At ordinary times, you can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in potassium, such as celery, tomatoes or bananas, and appropriately supplement high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, lean meat, etc.

Taboo 3: often blowing cold air

If you always blow directly into the air conditioner, the cold and humid air will invade the neck and back muscles, causing persistent neck spasm and obvious low back pain.

The indoor temperature should not be lower than 26 ℃, and the air conditioner should not be blown directly on the shoulders and back. After all, the pores of the body are open when it is hot, and the cold air is also easy to enter the body, resulting in various problems.

Don't drink water in a big gulp, because water will soon dilute into the blood, increasing the burden on the heart, especially for patients with coronary heart disease, which is very dangerous.

In summer, the principle of drinking a small amount of water for many times should be adopted. The amount of drinking water each time should not exceed 200 ml. try to choose warm water.

Don't drink iced drinks or eat ice cream for a long time. Proper eating can indeed clear away heat and relieve summer heat, but it will damage gastric mucosa and cause sudden contraction of blood vessels in gastric mucosa, resulting in mucosal edema and erosion.

Taboo 4: take a cold bath

After the body is stimulated by cold water, it will lead to faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, sudden muscle contraction, etc., especially during menstruation, pregnancy, infants and the elderly. It is not suitable to take a cold bath in summer. The bath water is controlled at about 35~40 ℃ and the bath time is controlled at 15 minutes.

It's hot in dog days, and mosquito bites will definitely affect sleep. You'd better take a 30 minute lunch break at noon to ensure your energy in the afternoon and prevent myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease.

Especially for the elderly, taking a nap is very important. It's important to alleviate physical fatigue, replenish physical strength to the body in time, and don't fluctuate too much in your mood at ordinary times. It's important to keep calm, learn to adjust yourself, and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude every day.

In a word, pay attention to health and don't be greedy for coldness. May we have a happy summer and let "Fu Qi" become "blessing"!

#There are 20 days in the middle of this year#

#There are 20 days in the middle of this year#

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