The 15th anniversary of chenxiaoxu's death: the breast cancer that took away sister Lin has become the world's largest cancer

2022-05-13 11:38:00

Two bends are like frowns, not frowns, and a pair of affectionate eyes are like joy or non joy.

Lamentable virtue, pity and chant Xu CAI. Jade belts hang in the forest and gold hairpins are buried in the snow.

An 87 version of a dream of Red Mansions gives us a glimpse of the real Lin Daiyu and Chen Xiaoxu, the actor of Lin Daiyu, as if she came for Lin Daiyu with a smile and a frown, making Lin Daiyu come to the world from the book.

As the saying goes: a red face is short of life, and too much wisdom is easy to die.

Unfortunately, chenxiaoxu, like Lindaiyu, died of breast cancer on May 13, 2007 at the age of 42, leaving us a smile and a smile on the screen forever.

Now that sister Lin has been away for 15 years, we are missing her appearance and talent, and we are also aware of the horror of breast cancer.

Breast cancer has become the largest cancer in the world

As early as 2020, the international agency for research on cancer released the latest global cancer burden data. Among them, female breast cancer surpassed lung cancer for the first time and became the most common cancer in the world, accounting for about 11.7% of new cancer cases.

The root cause of the rapid growth of new cases of breast cancer is that the risk factors of breast cancer are constantly changing, such as delayed childbirth and decreased lactation, which is also the most obvious in countries undergoing social and economic transformation.

Overweight, obesity and lack of exercise also contribute to the increasing global incidence rate of breast cancer.

To prevent breast cancer, you might as well do these 9 things well

Breast cancer is a relatively high incidence of malignant disease, there are many inducing factors. For example, age growth, family inheritance, bad eating habits and so on.

If the early stage of breast cancer, timely treatment can prolong the survival of patients, otherwise it will not only cause such uncomfortable symptoms, but also endanger life.

In the face of the high incidence of breast cancer, we can do this:

First, maintain good sleep habits

Generally speaking, adults need to sleep for 7 ~ 8 hours every day to ensure that all organs of the body get enough rest and prevent endocrine disorders.

But in recent years, with the accelerated pace of life, many women tend to stay up late and work night shifts, resulting in hormone disorders, which stimulate the breast and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Second, keep exercising

Clinical survey data show that compared with women of moderate stature, women with greater weight have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Because when the body weight is too large, the metabolic speed is easily affected. Some people still have the habit of eating high-fat and high calorie foods, which will also aggravate the problem of hormone disorder, which is not conducive to breast health.

If you want to reduce the risk of breast cancer, you must adhere to exercise, such as jogging and swimming, which can effectively burn fat, promote blood circulation and enhance the body's disease resistance.

Third, a balanced diet

Stay away from fried and barbecue foods and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, spinach, tomatoes and so on.

Because it contains vitamin A, carotene and lycopene needed by the human body, these substances can not only enhance the disease resistance of the human body, but also have the effect of antioxidation and eliminate free radicals in the body.

Fourth, self-examination

Female friends should not only go to the hospital regularly for detailed examination, but also do a self-test every half a month or about a month, including observing the state of the breast and touching whether there are lumps.

Fifth, stay away from smoking

Smoking is a high-risk factor inducing a variety of diseases, including breast cancer, because there are nearly 70 carcinogens in tobacco, which will constantly damage human organs.

Therefore, the risk of smoking women suffering from breast cancer is much higher than that of non-smoking women.

Sixth, avoid abuse of hormones

In middle age, the secretion of estrogen decreases, so some women will take hormone drugs. However, too much hormone intake is also easy to stimulate the breast and increase the risk of cancer.

Seventh, do not drink

The harm of drinking alcohol to human body is also great, because alcohol is irritant, and ethanol will be transformed into a carcinogen called acetaldehyde when it enters the human body.

Of course, in the face of breast cancer, we also need regular physical examination and scientific prevention.

According to the domestic breast cancer screening recommendations, it is recommended that women over the age of 40 can be screened for breast cancer.

If there are high-risk groups (such as first-degree relatives diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50, menarche earlier than the age of 13, no breastfeeding or breastfeeding for a short time), it is recommended to screen earlier.

Scientific understanding of breast cancer can reduce the occurrence of such women's sadness.


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#15th anniversary of Chen Xiaoxu's death#

#15th anniversary of Chen Xiaoxu's death#

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