Often hands and feet are cold, or it is related to these reasons of the body. You need to be careful and recuperate in time

2022-07-27 09:00:00

Cold hands and feet are very common in our daily life, especially for women.

Under normal circumstances, when the hands and feet are cold, we usually think that it is because of the weather, or the body wears less clothes, which affects the blood circulation in the body, resulting in the unsmooth operation of Qi and blood;

In fact, this phenomenon can be traced back to Sini syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine, which is usually caused by the deficiency of spleen and kidney and Yang Qi. From the perspective of modern medicine, cold hands and feet may be caused by these reasons.

1. Cardiovascular disease

Once the thrombus supplying blood to the peripheral parts of the body is blocked, the calf or feet will be sore when walking, and the hands and feet will become cold seriously. Especially for patients with cardiovascular disease, the cold hands and feet will also become more obvious at night. It is suggested that everyone pay attention to it.

2. Anemia

Every girl will experience a special physiological period. Therefore, many women in life will have anemia and ischemia symptoms more or less, but for women with obvious anemia, compared with normal women, they are more likely to have cold hands and feet;

It is suggested that these women can often eat foods rich in hemoglobin and iron in their daily life, which can effectively help the body improve the degree of anemia.

3. Too thin

In life, for some people who are extremely thin, the blood circulation speed at the ends of the human body is mostly poor. Therefore, if the blood circulates to the ends, it is easy to have some cold hands and feet;

In addition, people who are thin are more likely to have cold hands and feet because of their large amount of activities and less fat in their hands and feet.

4. High pressure

In life, if the pressure of work or study is relatively high, there will often be cold hands and feet. This is because the long-term excessive pressure will affect the blood circulation, and then these symptoms will appear.

5. Cause of disease

For some patients with decreased thyroid function, hypoglycemia and neurological disorders, it is also easy to have cold hands and feet;

This is because of the imbalance of endocrine hormones in the body, which will hinder the local or systemic blood circulation function in the body, and eventually lead to cold hands and feet. It is worth mentioning that for people with decreased gastrointestinal function, the body's absorption of heat energy will be affected. Therefore, cold hands and feet will also occur, which should be paid attention to.

If you want to improve your cold hands and feet, do three things well

1. Exercise frequently

Exercise can help regulate the Qi and blood of the human body, promote blood circulation, enhance the immune level of the human body, and is conducive to physical health.

2. Frequent foot soaking

Soaking feet is the healthiest way to keep fit since ancient times. Soaking feet before going to bed not only helps blood circulation, but also warms the whole body.

3. Pay attention to diet

Many women can't follow the dietary rules in their lives, and they also have the habit of drinking cold drinks. Over time, cold evil will enter the body, which is not only bad for the health of the stomach, but also makes their hands and feet cold.

In fact, it is normal to occasionally have cold hands and feet in life, and this does not mean that the body is ill, because the body is sensitive to external temperature, which leads to a normal phenomenon;

Therefore, don't panic if the body often gets cold. It is recommended to keep exercising and improve the body's immunity, which is conducive to the health of the body.

Therefore, don't panic if the body often gets cold. It is recommended to keep exercising and improve the body's immunity, which is conducive to the health of the body.

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