Official notification that a two-year-old girl suffers from condyloma acuminatum: This venereal disease is all due to the "applause of love" everywhere?

2022-07-27 09:10:00

Recently, a 2-year-old girl suspected of suffering from Condyloma Acuminatum in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, has caused heated discussion among many netizens, and some netizens speculated whether the girl was sexually assaulted.

Soon, after the investigation of the public security organ, it was formed recently, and a joint investigation was carried out with the health, women's Federation and other departments, which ruled out the possibility of sexual assault.

At present, the girl is seeking medical treatment accompanied by her parents, and the disease and the source of the case still need to be further analyzed and determined by experts.

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Condyloma acuminatum, what kind of disease is it?

Condyloma acuminatum is a very common sexually transmitted disease, which usually occurs among young people. It is also called genital warts, anogenital warts or sexually transmitted disease warts, which are caused by HPV infection due to bad sexual behavior.

Once the patient is ill, some vegetations will appear on the skin and mucosa of the anus and external genitalia, accompanied by pain, itching, bleeding and abnormal secretions, which will seriously affect the health of the patient.

Condyloma acuminatum is not necessarily sexually transmitted

Generally speaking, condyloma acuminatum is mostly sexually transmitted, and a few will be indirectly infected, mainly through indirect contact with pollutants, such as toilet, bathtub, or contaminated towels, underwear, etc.

The key to sharing items is whether the infected skin mucosa is damaged. If not, the probability of indirect infection is often relatively small.

In addition, mother to child transmission can also infect condyloma acuminatum. Mothers with genital tract infection with HPV can spread to newborns through placentas, vaginal delivery and other ways.

How is acuteness wet wart treated?

1、 Use drugs

For patients with condyloma acuminatum, after a series of examinations, some antiviral drugs should be taken orally under the guidance of doctors, which can inhibit the replication of HPV virus and effectively remove local warts.

For example, you can take valaciclovir and acyclovir, two antiviral drugs, or take some drugs to improve immunity at the same time, such as pidotimod.

In addition, patients will have obvious skin lesions, so some ointment should be used externally for treatment.

For example, you can choose 3.75% or 5% miquimod cream, and 0.15% or 0.5% podophyllotoxin ointment.

2、 Physiotherapy

Patients can also go to the hospital for a series of physical therapies, such as laser therapy or cryotherapy, as well as electrocoagulation or electrocautery, as well as microwave therapy and Electroionic therapy.

These physical therapies can directly destroy the skin lesions and quickly and effectively remove the skin lesions caused by condyloma acuminatum.

3、 Surgical treatment

If the patient has a wide range of skin lesions, and the skin lesions cannot be removed by using the corresponding drugs and physical therapy, then the skin lesions should be removed by surgery under the guidance of the doctor.

If the patient is infected with high-risk HPV virus and causes abnormal cervical cell smears, it should be considered that he has suffered from cervical cancer, and the patient should undergo other types of surgery.

Can condyloma acuminatum be completely cured?

There is no very clear cure standard for condyloma acuminatum. Generally, the skin lesions are eliminated after treatment, and there is no recurrence within 6 months, which means that condyloma acuminatum has been treated accordingly.

However, the recurrence rate of condyloma acuminatum is relatively high, especially for people who still have unhealthy sexual behavior after treatment.

For example, having multiple sexual partners at the same time, or having unhealthy sex with people infected with condyloma acuminatum, will lead to re infection with HPV, which will induce the emergence of condyloma acuminatum, and even infected with high-risk HPV, which will induce the emergence of cervical cancer, anal cancer, prostate cancer, penis cancer and other cancers.

After treatment for a period of time, if the skin lesions are removed, and there are no other symptoms, and they remain within 6 months, it means that condyloma acuminatum has been cured.

If there is unhealthy sexual behavior after treatment, it will lead to the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum, and even induce the emergence of cancer.

#The two-year-old girl was officially excluded from sexual assault#

#The two-year-old girl was officially excluded from sexual assault#

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