Obviously, low-fat satiety is strong. Why is whole wheat bread fatter and fatter?

2022-05-13 10:33:00

#Whole wheat bread#

Weight loss is an old-fashioned word in human history.

Especially now, every time I see three layers of my belly, losing weight is once again Put it on the agenda.

There are a variety of weight loss recipes, such as beef, chicken breast, cucumber, corn, purple potato But for the staple food, whole wheat bread has become the key protagonist.

Whole wheat bread, what is it?

For whole wheat, various titles are also included in its diet.

What is healthy, low-fat, strong sense of satiety As a few carbon water that is not easy to gain weight, many people would rather spend more money to replace "ordinary" with "whole wheat".

The so-called whole wheat bread refers to the bread made of whole wheat flour without removing germ and bran.

These breads contain more dietary fiber, vitamin B family and protein. The texture is rough and the taste is not very good. However, due to the strong sense of satiety, the blood glucose response is low.

Compared with bread made of white flour, whole wheat bread is not so easy to get hungry after eating.

Even so, it is not recommended to eat whole wheat bread to lose weight

Whole wheat bread has slightly lower calories than other breads. Moreover, because it contains more dietary fiber, it has a certain sense of satiety after eating, which can help people who lose weight control their appetite, and can indeed play a certain auxiliary role in weight loss.

But for every 100 grams of whole wheat bread, the content of starch and sugar reaches 60%.

If people who lose weight eat a lot of whole wheat bread every day, the total calories entering the body will exceed the standard. It will also lead to the lack of some other nutrients in the body, resulting in the decline of metabolic function. Can not play any role in weight loss, but also lead to obesity.

Therefore, whole wheat bread may not be healthy, and the most important thing is -- the whole wheat bread you buy may not be the real whole wheat bread.

The biggest problem of whole wheat bread ------ difficult! Eat!

Based on the "rough" attribute of whole wheat flour itself, due to the existence of bran and germ, the taste of whole wheat bread is not only rough, but also can feel obvious grain and slightly sour when chewing.

Because of this, the bad taste of whole wheat bread also left a lot of deep shadows for netizens.

The whole wheat bread you eat is not necessarily whole wheat

In fact, if you look at the ingredient list carefully, you will find that not all whole wheat bread uses whole wheat flour.

In the process of making many whole wheat bread, in order to pursue the taste, businesses will add some butter and other additives to make the calorie value of whole wheat bread higher.

Because the country does not have any standard requirements for "whole wheat bread".

Some businesses will also cover up the white color of ordinary wheat flour by adding coke syrup and colorant powder and using the phenomenon of "carbonization" under high-temperature baking, so as to confuse the false with the true.

If you choose whole wheat bread, you need to pay attention to these three details

Compared with other foods, whole wheat bread is still a food with low cholesterol and low saturated fatty acids, which is more suitable for people who lose weight.

But when people who lose weight eat whole wheat bread, some things need to be kept in mind in order to help lose weight.

1、 Pay attention to the choice of whole wheat bread

When choosing whole wheat bread, be sure to check the ingredient list of all whole wheat bread.

If the sugar content in the ingredient list is high, or some shortening, vegetable oil, butter and margarine are added, do not choose such whole wheat bread.

This whole wheat bread not only has no effect on weight loss, but also has the effect of "fattening".

2、 Pay attention to vegetables

Although whole wheat bread contains a certain amount of vitamin B, it contains very little vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and other vitamins.

Eating only whole wheat bread will lead to a very slow metabolism, which can not help lose weight. When eating whole wheat bread, you must properly mix more vegetables.

3、 Reasonable water supplement

Because whole wheat bread contains more dietary fiber components, if there is no reasonable hydrating diet after eating, the fiber will absorb a lot of water in the intestine, which is prone to constipation.

After eating whole wheat bread, we should supplement water reasonably in order to avoid this phenomenon. It can also accelerate the peristalsis of the intestinal tract and has the function of rapid defecation.

In fact, if you want to really lose weight, it is by no means as simple as relying on a certain food.

What is more important for the human body is that on top of coarse grain food, the diet with a greater proportion, the three nutrients of carbohydrate, fat and protein, and an appropriate amount of dietary fiber are the long-term strategy to lose weight.

Therefore, instead of eating whole wheat, it is better to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet.

Therefore, instead of eating whole wheat, it is better to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet.

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