No chicken can leave Guangdong alive! What part of a chicken can't eat?

2022-05-14 08:31:00

For Cantonese, a good meal depends on whether there is chicken on the table.

As the saying goes: no chicken can't make a feast. No chicken can leave Guangdong alive.

According to the data, Guangdong can eat 800 million chickens every year. At that time, the annual consumption of live chickens in Guangzhou reached 300 million. Roughly speaking, it is equivalent to that every family can eat three chickens every month.

When guests come to the house, even if they don't kill chickens, they will buy one at the market Deli.

A thousand chickens, there are a thousand ways to eat

For Chinese people who love chicken, whether it's white cut chicken in Guangdong, salt baked chicken, saliva chicken and spicy chicken in Sichuan, or large plate chicken in Xinjiang The chicken is dead.

In particular, the meat of chicken wings, chicken legs and other parts is compact and delicious, and the price of chicken can be much cheaper than that of pork and beef.

Chicken can be eaten in many ways, with high digestibility and good taste, which can enhance the physique and strengthen the physique.

Eating chicken can strengthen the spleen and stomach, strengthen muscles and bones, alleviate the symptoms of fear of cold, fatigue and fatigue caused by physical weakness, and protect the cardiovascular system. Chicken contains phospholipids, which can not only protect the cardiovascular system, but also improve the body's immunity and strengthen the body.

But what parts of a chicken full of treasure can't be eaten?

First, chicken neck, can't eat?

Many people believe that there are a large number of lymph nodes on the chicken neck, and there are many parasites and toxins on these lymph nodes. If they are not treated cleanly or eaten too much, these parasites will enter the body and cause infection.

In fact, there are some bad things in the chicken neck, but the regular slaughterhouse will remove them. As long as they are purchased from regular channels, they basically don't have to worry too much.

Second, chicken skin, can't you eat it?

Some people also think that chicken skin also contains more lymph nodes. In fact, chicken skin is only skin, and there are no lymph nodes, so you can eat it boldly and safely.

It is rumored that eating chicken skin can help beautify and nourish the skin, but from a scientific point of view, the composition of chicken skin is fat, so even if chicken skin can be eaten, it is not recommended to eat more. After all, eating more will bring a disadvantage - hair! Fat!

Third, chicken head, can't eat?

Rumor: ten years of chicken head race arsenic.

But in fact, chickens eat food through the mouth of the head, and the food still needs to be absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract to enter the blood. Even if there are toxins, they will be metabolized through the liver and kidney.

How can these toxins accumulate in the head?

Fourth, chicken offal, can't you eat it?

Chicken offal is the internal organs of chicken, such as chicken liver, chicken gizzard, etc.

It is rumored that these internal organs will absorb harmful substances in chickens, and will also be exposed to some bacteria and parasites.

In theory, in addition to dosage forms, chicken gizzards, liver, intestines and kidneys are indeed more or less exposed to harmful substances in food or metabolism. Compared with chicken, the residue possibility of "harmful substances" in them is higher.

But the problem is that if most chickens are really exposed to harmful substances, it is estimated that they will not survive until they are slaughtered, so most chickens have no problem.

However, the purine content of chicken offal is still relatively high. It's no problem to taste fresh occasionally. Especially for patients with high uric acid, it's better to eat less.

Fifth, chicken butt, can't eat?

Chicken buttocks contain tail fat glands, which are a kind of fatty liquid. At the same time, there are glands in the bursa on the cavity, which can not be eaten either.

But basically, these glands will be removed in the formal commercial slaughter, so basically you don't have to worry too much about the frozen chicken you buy in the supermarket or market.

However, if you kill chickens at home, it is better to throw away the chicken butt.

In addition to eating correctly, chicken should also be selected correctly.

Healthy chicken should be white and red, look bright and shiny, feel smooth and elastic, and smell normal meat.

If it is not fresh or good chicken, the color may be white, there is no luster, and it smells peculiar. If you touch the chicken with abnormal hand feeling, you should not buy it, so as to avoid harm to your body after eating.

For Cantonese, the most beautiful praise for a chicken is that it tastes like chicken!

For Cantonese, the most beautiful praise for a chicken is that it tastes like chicken!

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