National eye love day: half of children suffer from myopia? These misunderstandings of myopia, I advise you not to trample on the pit

2022-06-06 14:11:00

Every June 6 is the "national eye love day".

This year's theme is "e; Pay attention to the general eye health, and jointly build a 'bright' color and great health ".

When it comes to eye health, the most important problem today is myopia.

According to the data, China is a "big country with myopia". As early as 2018, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide was 53.6%. Due to the impact of the new champion epidemic, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents has further increased.

How many people have been harmed by these misunderstandings of myopia?

The harm of myopia can not be ignored. It will not only affect the personal appearance, but also cause retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Nowadays, there are many lies about myopia, and because of these misunderstandings, many people have been delayed in correcting myopia.

Myth 1: will myopia return to normal?

In fact, myopia is also divided into pseudomyopia and true myopia. If it is pseudomyopia, it is reversible; If it is true myopia, it is irreversible.

Under normal circumstances, the eye axis is about 24mm, and the eye axis of myopia is obviously prolonged. Every additional millimeter degree or so will increase by 300 degrees.

Once you find yourself short-sighted, you must choose a regular hospital to test your eyesight and wear glasses to correct your eyesight.

Myth 2: low myopia does not need glasses?

Some people think that as long as the myopia is below 300 degrees, they do not need to wear glasses. If they wear glasses, they will deepen their myopia. This sentence is wrong, because the deepening of myopia is related to bad eye habits.

In the case of myopia, glasses play an auxiliary role. Wearing eyes with appropriate degrees can help people see things more clearly, and can also slow down the development of myopia.

Myth 3: will myopia suffer from presbyopia?

Many people think that nearsightedness will not lead to presbyopia. This idea is wrong.

Because myopia and presbyopia are different eye diseases, whether the vision is normal or not, presbyopia may occur. This is a natural law and a normal physiological phenomenon.

As long as a person is 40 years old, the lenses in the eyes will gradually harden, and their elasticity will gradually decline, reducing the ability of eye regulation, making it difficult for the elderly to see the things around them.

Myth 4: will the degree of blindness decrease?

People who wear glasses for a long time suddenly take off their glasses, which will increase naked eye vision, which is mainly related to the central nervous system of the brain.

Because the central nervous system of the brain has adapted to blurred images and is better at processing them, suddenly taking off glasses does temporarily improve vision, but the degree of myopia has not changed; In order to let people see more clearly, the ciliary muscles in the eyes will be constantly adjusted to aggravate the sense of visual fatigue;

People with high myopia must wear glasses for a long time to reduce eye fatigue.

Myth 5: wear glasses to deform your eyes?

Many people think that wearing glasses will deform our eyes. In fact, this is not the case. Wearing glasses must have nothing to do with eye deformation.

For people with deeper myopia, their eye axis will be longer, so their eyeballs will become more and more obvious.

In addition, the nearsighted eye is a concave lens, which weakens the visual effect. Therefore, when wearing glasses, their eyes will become smaller, but when not wearing glasses, their eyes are the most normal.

Once suffering from myopia, there is no cure

In april2019, the National Health Commission and other six departments jointly made it clear that under the current medical technology conditions, myopia in children and adolescents is incurable.

It is also pointed out in the core information on health education for the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents that up to now, there is no cure for myopia in medicine.

At present, what we can do is to avoid further aggravation of myopia through scientific correction and improvement of eye habits.

No matter how short-sighted we are, we should protect our eyes.

Prevent the degree from deepening, use your eyes reasonably, and remember not to use your eyes too much; Play less with mobile phones and computers. Try to play under moderate light to avoid eye injury.

Prevent the degree from deepening, use your eyes reasonably, and remember not to use your eyes too much; Play less with mobile phones and computers. Try to play under moderate light to avoid eye injury.

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