If you can't sleep well, be careful to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases! How can I get a good sleep?

2022-05-14 13:09:00

I don't know when insomnia has become a common disease of modern people.

According to a who survey, the incidence rate of insomnia in the world is about 27%. In China, the insomnia rate of adults reached 38.2%.

This also means that nearly 300 million people in China cannot sleep every night s

Insomnia is not just that simple without spirit!

Once insomnia, it will not only lead to mental depression, dizziness and headache on the second day, but also lead to the abnormality of the whole endocrine system.

Immunity will also be affected, and the body will be in a sub-health state. Over time, the probability of a series of diseases will increase relatively.

German research shows that sleep disorders are closely related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Dr. Dirk Herman of Essen University Hospital in Germany once expressed his view that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a great relationship with insomnia.

If there is sleep disorder, it will lead to a series of abnormalities in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases through various factors.

It mainly includes sympathetic activation, sleep apnea, abnormal blood glucose, arterial hypertension and so on. The existence of these factors is precisely the reason for the rise of insomnia rate.

Early intervention to reduce sleep disorders can greatly reduce the incidence rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Long term insomnia will cause a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it will increase the risk of insomnia. The two are closely related.

Although sleep disorders are very easy to identify, it is easy for some neurologists to ignore sleep disorders when treating stroke patients.

According to a series of research results, if we take intervention therapy for insomnia earlier, we can reduce the incidence rate of a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke to the greatest extent.

Long night, what can I do to save my sleep?

In fact, there are many reasons for tossing and turning late at night and being difficult to sleep. Generally speaking, it is divided into internal and external causes.

The internal cause is one's own emotion, organic disease or psychological disease, while the external cause is the external environment interference, work and study rhythm, pressure and other related factors.

Especially for people in a bad mood, this feeling of insomnia is deeper.

For people with insomnia, we must pay attention to whether there are signs of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

If you suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, you need to pay attention to the adjustment of sleep disorders in order to maintain your health.

3 suggestions to help you sleep until dawn!

First, exercise yourself and keep a regular schedule

Keep the sleep time and wake-up time relatively fixed. No matter how long you slept the previous night, get up within the basic fixed time as far as possible. Don't stay in bed or sleep in, even on holidays.

At the same time, there is no need to pursue sleeping enough eight hours a day. Just ensure the recovery of energy the next day. At the same time, it is best to control the lunch break within half an hour.

Second, avoid excessive stimulation before going to bed

Learn to adjust your mental state, relieve mental pressure, form the habit of soaking your feet before going to bed, and create a good sleep environment at the same time, so as to help you quickly enter the sleep state and sleep until dawn.

Stop active mental activities one hour before going to bed. Try some relaxation exercises before going to bed, such as listening to music before going to bed, keeping muscles relaxed before going to bed, etc.

At the same time, after 3 p.m., avoid alcohol, caffeine and other drinks as much as possible, and avoid overeating before going to bed.

Third, establish the connection between bedroom and bed

Don't always play mobile phones and watch TV in bed. Go to bed only when you obviously feel sleepy.

If you toss and turn in bed and can't sleep well, the best way is to get out of bed quickly, do other work to relax yourself and wait for sleep.

For example, if you can't sleep in bed for 20-30 minutes, it's better to leave the bedroom, listen to music, read books, etc., and go to bed when you feel sleepy.


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【1】 Zhang Bin Chinese guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia [M] Beijing: People's Health Publishing House, 2016

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