Grain in ear doesn't nourish the heart. Will it be sad next year? Grain in ear is coming. It's spring and summer. Remember what to do well

2022-06-06 15:52:00

#Grain in ear today#

June comes slowly with the summer breeze.

For tens of thousands of senior three students, this month is also the final battlefield they will face after years of hard work.

At 0:26 Beijing time, we also ushered in the fourth solar term of summer ---- grain in ear.

Grain in ear, grain in ear, means that wheat with awn can be harvested quickly, and rice with awn can be planted. This is also a season of harvest and hope. Midsummer has also begun.

Grain in ear, need to nourish the heart most

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Yang is cultivated in spring and summer, and Yin is cultivated in autumn and winter.

After entering the summer, the Yang in the human body is relatively strong, but the temperature is very high. If the human body sweats a lot, it will cause excessive body fluid loss and yang depletion.

Once Yang Qi is depleted, the function of the heart will be affected. Therefore, in summer, we must do a good job in mental health, and summer is also a "golden period" for mental health.

How to maintain the heart in summer?

1、 Do not overdo it

Don't overdo it, such as eating lots of cold foods or drinking too many cold drinks. Or stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, wash your hair, feet and bath with cold water.

These greedy behaviors will cause a large amount of cold and moisture to invade the body, causing excessive consumption of Yang. Make the heart blood insufficient, the normal function of the heart will be affected.

When summer comes, the indoor temperature should not be too low. It can be kept at about 25 ℃. You can't wash your body with cold water, and you can't eat cold food.

2、 Adjust sleep

In summer, the nights are short and the days are long. However, due to the high temperature in summer, many people will go to bed late and get up late, or stay up late for a long time, which will make the human body lack sleep.

Once lack of sleep, hormone levels in the body will change abnormally, causing vasospasm. The heart will also accelerate the beating speed, resulting in an increase in the oxygen and blood consumption of the heart, which will rapidly reduce the heart function.

When entering the summer, we must pay attention to adjust our sleep habits and avoid excessive staying up late.

Every morning, you can take a nap for about half an hour, which can improve the coronary blood supply, stabilize the hormone level, and reduce the incidence of a series of cardiovascular diseases.

3、 Reasonable dietary structure

After entering the summer, we should add more bitter food, such as radish, cherry, bitter melon, mung bean, mung bean sprout, etc.

These foods have a slightly bitter taste, but they can play a very good role in clearing away heat and heat, and also play a certain role in protecting the heart.

In addition, you should drink more porridge in summer. Warm porridge has the effect of protecting Yang. For example, you can drink some Lily porridge, white gourd porridge or lotus leaf porridge, which can accelerate the metabolism and digestive function of the human body, and is conducive to the maintenance of cardiovascular system.

4、 Reasonable tea drinking

The high temperature in summer can easily cause people to sweat a lot, which will cause a large loss of body fluid and lead to yang depletion.

We must properly add more water, but we should not drink cold water. We should drink some warm tea, such as light green tea, oolong tea and black tea.

These teas contain a lot of vitamins, tea polyphenols, catechins and various mineral elements, which can not only replenish water for the body, but also provide more potassium and other substances for the human body, and play a role in maintaining the normal operation of myocardial cells.

5、 Soak your feet every night

Soak your feet in hot water for about 10 minutes every night.

Hot water feet soaking can not only excrete the wet and cold Qi invading the body, help to improve the Yang Qi in the body, but also promote blood circulation, provide more blood support for the heart, and achieve the role of nourishing the heart.

Plum rains when it is yellow, and rice flowers smell in the field

The night of grain in ear, with a breeze, blowing waves of wheat.

This is not only the season of harvest, but also the time of sowing. As soon as the harvest takes place, the constancy and generosity of the years show themselves. Busy growing and orderly, this is the posture of all things.

This is not only a busy time for farmers to harvest and sow seeds, but also a time for candidates to cultivate and harvest.

Tomorrow is the college entrance examination. Many students will set foot in the examination room. The star is not far away, and the dream is not far away. As long as you stand on tiptoe.

I wish all the college entrance examination students can reap the ideal results in this season!

I wish all the college entrance examination students can reap the ideal results in this season!

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