Extreme Heavy Rainfall in many places? Women who drip during the rainstorm, don't forget to do it in time

2022-05-13 19:37:00

Recently, many areas in the South have ushered in extremely heavy rainfall.

Among them, some areas in the Middle East of Guangdong, the east of Guangxi and the southwest of Fujian have heavy rainstorms, local heavy rainstorms, and some areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall, local thunderstorms, gales and other strong convective weather.

Due to the continuous influence of heavy rainfall clouds, large-scale flooding has also occurred in many areas.

At this time, we need to remind you again and again that in case of extreme weather, stay in a safe place in time. If you are unfortunately in an urban waterlogged area, you have to find a high-lying area in time for rescue, or look for floating objects.

Long time soaking in sewage, women beware of private infection?

As some areas were severely affected and roads were blocked, many women were forced to soak in sewage for a long time.

Many people will worry about whether sewage will flush into women's vagina, resulting in bacterial infection?

In fact, under normal circumstances, a woman's lower genital tract is in an open lumen, while both sides of the labia majora naturally close to cover the vaginal orifice and urethral orifice, and the vaginal orifice is closed.

In addition, the folds on the inner wall of the vagina fit well. Even in the special period of physiological period, it is usually difficult for water to pour into the female vagina.

In addition, there are many kinds of bacteria inside the female vagina. The secretions with protective effect can identify and eliminate bacteria, and can protect the human body from other microorganisms to a certain extent.

Therefore, even if women are in the physiological period and soak in sewage for a long time, it usually will not cause sewage backirrigation, infection and other phenomena.

Even if there is no need to worry about sewage backflow, it still needs to be cleaned in time

Although it is difficult to pour sewage into private areas, after all, after a long time of sewage immersion, bacteria in sewage will easily adhere to the skin surface.

Therefore, if women leave the sewage water area and conditions permit, they might as well replace the soaked clothes in time, wash their hands at the same time, and then rinse the vulva with clean water to remove the dirt and wipe it clean at the same time.

At the same time, wet clothes also need to be disinfected and cleaned in time to avoid bacterial residue and the hidden danger of re infection.

If conditions do not allow, you can use sterile wet paper towels or paper towels with mineral water to wipe the dirt on the vulva surface in time, replace new sanitary napkins, tampons and other care products in time, and then replace dry and clean underwear to reduce the possibility of infection as much as possible.

In addition to cleaning women's private places, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Keep private areas dry

Due to sweating, vaginal secretions and other reasons, women's private parts are easy to become wet. For a long time, it can breed bacteria and induce gynecological diseases.

Therefore, women should pay attention to keeping their private parts dry at ordinary times, take a bath in time after exercise, wear breathable and sweat absorbing cotton underwear at ordinary times, and pay attention to changing their underwear frequently.

2. Use good quality toilet paper and sanitary napkins

After going to the toilet, women should wipe the residual urine with toilet paper in time, and wipe it from front to back. When buying toilet paper, they should choose white and odorless. At the same time, they should buy it from the regular supermarket. Poor quality toilet paper is likely to induce gynecological diseases.

In addition, the sanitary napkin with qualified quality should be selected during menstruation, and the sanitary napkin should be changed frequently.

3. Pay attention to living hygiene

Women should also pay special attention to sex life. They should be clean and love themselves. They can't have multiple sexual partners at the same time.

Before sex, both men and women should clean their vulva to reduce the chance of mutual infection. In addition, if women do not have family planning, they should take contraceptive measures to avoid accidental pregnancy.

4. Healthy eating and living habits

A healthy and reasonable diet is also of great help to women's private care. Women should have a balanced diet. In addition, they can eat more vegetables and fruits, fish and dairy products and supplement vitamins C and E.

In addition, we should also pay attention to regular work and rest, avoid staying up late and take more exercise, which will help to enhance immunity and reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

The care of women's private parts is indeed very important, but if you pursue "cleaning" too much and use gynecological lotion frequently to clean the vulva, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of preventing gynecological diseases, but also destroy the flora in the vagina and increase the risk of disease.

Therefore, when cleaning private places, women only need to use clean water.

In addition, paying attention to sexual hygiene and menstrual hygiene at ordinary times and maintaining good living habits can greatly reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

In addition, paying attention to sexual hygiene and menstrual hygiene at ordinary times and maintaining good living habits can greatly reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

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