22-year-old girl dieting to lose weight but lose fatty liver? Fatty liver is not exclusive to fat people

2022-07-27 10:57:00

#22-year-old girl dieting to lose weight and lose fatty liver#

When it comes to fatty liver, people often think of eating too much fat.

Indeed, the so-called fatty liver refers to a common liver disease with excessive fat content in the liver, resulting in significant decline in liver function.

Although eating too much fat will indeed increase the risk of fatty liver disease to a large extent, if you diet too much, it will also cause fatty liver.

The 22-year-old girl went on a diet to lose weight, resulting in fatty liver

Recently, a 22-year-old girl in Jinan, Shandong province suffered from fatty liver due to long-term dieting. Excessive reduction of food intake will affect the synthetic function of the liver, and fat metabolism will slowly accumulate in the liver, thus eventually forming fatty liver.

Although most of the people with fatty liver are obese at present, 10% - 20% of the people have fatty liver because of being thin.

Fatty liver can't be simply caused by eating too much

In fact, the word fatty liver is mainly used to describe a pathological state of the liver. The full name of medicine is "hepatocyte steatosis". Generally, only when ≥ 30% of hepatocytes have steatosis, they will be found by B-ultrasound, and the probability of CT detection will be smaller.

Because of this, once any link of fat metabolism in liver cells goes wrong, fat will accumulate in liver cells, not just because of excessive fat intake.

For example, fatty liver can also be induced by obstacles in fatty acid decomposition and transfer, excessive fat synthesis, liver cell poisoning or malnutrition.

Preventing liver cells is not just a simple diet

First, healthy diet

A healthy diet does not mean complete vegetarianism or excessive dieting, but refers to the principle of matching meat and vegetables and balanced nutrition. And the daily ingredients must be diversified, and the taste must be kept light, not too greasy and spicy.

Here we need to remind you that high oil food does not only refer to high oil meat, such as fat meat, streaky pork, etc.

As long as the food or dishes with high oil content are high oil food, long-term consumption will have an adverse impact on the prevention of liver disease.

Vegetables such as green vegetables, spinach and cabbage, which are often regarded as representatives of a light diet, do not conform to the light principle if excessive edible oil is added during cooking.

Second, control weight

According to statistics, the probability of fatty liver in obese people is much higher than that in healthy people.

To effectively prevent and treat fatty liver, reasonable weight control is also very important. However, weight control here refers to controlling your weight within a healthy range, that is, don't be too fat or too thin.

For the calculation of healthy weight, it needs to be combined with the actual height, that is, subtract 105 from the height (unit: cm), and the resulting figure is the standard weight value (unit: kg).

As long as the weight value fluctuates within 5% of the standard weight value, it can be considered to meet the healthy weight standard.

Third, active sports

Exercise can improve blood circulation and promote human metabolism, which can effectively help the liver reduce the metabolic burden.

Therefore, if you want to stay away from fatty liver as far as possible, you must actively develop good exercise habits. In general, it is recommended that you spend half an hour to an hour a day on appropriate sports activities.

Fourth, stay away from alcohol

After the human body ingests alcohol, it needs to enter the liver for degradation.

A large number of alcohol decomposition products will be toxic to hepatocytes, and continuous alcohol damage will cause alcoholic fatty liver in the early stage, and gradually lead to alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver dysfunction and so on.

Of course, the risk of suffering from liver cancer is far higher than that of ordinary people, so this is why we have repeatedly stressed the need to quit drinking.

Once suffering from fatty liver, what should I do?

Simple fatty liver itself is not too serious, but because it often has a lot to do with other health problems, it can't be solved simply by eating light food. It also needs to be treated symptomatically in combination with the cause of disease.

For patients with fatty liver, if it is mild fatty liver, we must strengthen physical recuperation and try our best to achieve self-healing of fatty liver as soon as possible.

However, if it is moderate or severe fatty liver, we must get medical treatment in time and formulate the most reasonable treatment plan.

However, in most cases, fatty liver still comes from people's bad daily habits. In addition to eliminating the related causes, the most important thing is to control diet, exercise properly and quit drinking.

Although fatty liver is not necessarily caused by obesity and diet, it cannot be used as an excuse to overeat.

Although fatty liver is not necessarily caused by obesity and diet, it cannot be used as an excuse to overeat.

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