14-year-old depressed youth died after being fed Rune water by the master: how many people are misunderstood for depression?

2022-05-13 11:47:00

Recently, a "14-year-old depressed teenager died after being fed Rune water by the master" news triggered a heated debate on the Internet.

According to media reports, a 14-year-old student had abnormal behavior due to depression. As a result, his parents contacted a "feng shui master" to practice, so as to dispel evil spirits and treat diseases through various means such as drawing spells, inviting gods and forcibly feeding Fu water.

Subsequently, the juvenile's condition deteriorated, and the "feng shui master" forced the juvenile to drink Fushui. Soon after, the juvenile finally died of mechanical asphyxia caused by liquid blocking the respiratory tract, resulting in ineffective rescue.

At present, the feng shui master was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and a fine of 5000 yuan.

Depression, how many people are misunderstood?

After reading this news, I am both angry and sorry. It has been 2022. Why can there be such ignorance? It's a pity that a young man in his prime should be cut off like this.

In fact, depression is a common mood related mental disease, and its main clinical feature is significant and lasting depression.

However, depression can be treated. As long as it is treated regularly in time, people with depression can quickly recover their life and work before they get sick.

Depression is actually very common

According to the data, the global prevalence of depression is 4.4% and 3.6% in China, which means that 44 people in every 1000 people in the world suffer from depression and 36 people in China suffer from depression.

What are the usual manifestations of smile depression?

Smiling depression is a type of depression, which is characterized by a smiling expression in front of others.

If you study carefully, you will find that this smile is abnormal, because this smile does not come from the heart. Generally, the early manifestations of smile depression are as follows:

First, protect yourself with a smile

In order not to worry their families, many patients always hide their bad feelings and see everyone with a smiling expression.

If you observe carefully, you will find that this kind of smile is abnormal, because this kind of smile feels perfunctory, not from the heart.

Second, hide your inner feelings

Compared with ordinary patients with depression, patients with smile depression usually have higher social status and master more knowledge, so they will assume greater responsibility.

It is precisely because of these responsibilities that they will show a smiling state in front of outsiders in order to work better. It is for this reason that smiling depression patients will hide their hearts.

Therefore, families should pay attention to observation. When they find that their families have this situation, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Third, when alone, it is easy to show bad emotions

According to the research, smiling depression patients will use a smile to cover up their mood in the early stage.

But if you are alone, you will express your sadness. If you find that your family or people around you have this situation, you should actively help them and persuade them to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Depression can have a great impact on patients. In severe cases, there may even be self mutilation or suicide.

Depression is the "severe cold" of the brain

In fact, patients with depression are much luckier than many incurable diseases. At least depression can be treated.

Many people always think that only introverted people will have depression, but in fact, the occurrence of depression has nothing to do with introversion and introversion. It is more related to a personality feature called "neuroticism".

The misfortunes and setbacks in life are not the cause of depression, but these events cause mental stress, pull the "depression trigger" already existing in the brain, and cause a series of dysfunction and disorder in mood, sleep and diet.

It is not caused by personal character or psychological defects. Ordinary comfort is not very beneficial to patients with depression. In the face of depression, the most important thing is to actively take the attitude of seeking treatment as other diseases.

Depression is not your fault. It doesn't lose face. It can be treated.

Depression is not your fault. It doesn't lose face. It can be treated.

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