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Thyroid tumor

Thyroid tumor is a common and frequently occurring disease in clinic, most of which are benign lesions and a few are cancer. The etiology is unclear, and the pathological changes are thyroid follicular hyperplasia and goiter. Benign texture is soft, while malignant texture is hard. Benign: most cervical masses are single, grow slowly, and may have compression symptoms when large. The masses move up and down with swallowing, smooth, soft, round or oval, which can cause hyperthyroidism. When the tumor is small, it can be shrunk and disappeared by irradiation with a general therapeutic instrument; When the tumor is too large, it should be removed surgically and then treated with irradiation, which can reduce inflammation, pain and swelling, accelerate wound healing and prevent infection and scar. In clinical summary, the main causes are as follows: endocrine disorders lead to excessive estrogen, excessive iodine intake, high mental pressure and so on.


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