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Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury refers to the spinal cord injury caused by external direct or indirect factors. There are various motor, sensory and sphincter dysfunction, abnormal muscle tension and pathological reflex in the corresponding segments of the injury. The degree and clinical manifestation of spinal cord injury depend on the location and nature of primary injury. In traditional Chinese medicine, it belongs to the category of "low back pain", "flaccidity syndrome" and "scrofula closure" caused by trauma and blood stasis. Spinal cord injury can be divided into primary spinal cord injury and secondary spinal cord injury. The former refers to the injury caused by the direct or indirect action of external force on the spinal cord. The latter refers to the further damage of the spinal cord caused by spinal cord compression caused by external force, such as spinal cord edema, hematoma formed by small blood vessel hemorrhage in the spinal canal, compression fracture and broken intervertebral disc tissue.


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