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Silent dysentery

Silent dysentery is one of dysentery. See Danxi mental method · dysentery. Also known as dysentery. It refers to those who suffer from dysentery and fail to eat, vomit immediately after eating, or vomit and cannot eat. It is common in severe cases of epidemic dysentery and damp heat dysentery. Most of them are due to dampness, turbid heat and toxin in the colon, excessive evil and toxin, robbery of stomach yin and abnormal rise and fall; Or due to long-term illness, spleen and stomach injury and Qi loss. Symptoms include not thinking about diet, vomiting, frequent dysentery, lean muscles, stuffy chest and epigastric ruffians, crimson tongue, yellow and greasy fur, etc. The methods of clearing away heat, detoxifying, dispelling filth, reducing stress, harmonizing Yin and Supplementing Qi can be used for treatment. "Danxi mental method" creates the method of ginseng, stone lotus and Coptis chinensis, and sips it slowly.


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