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Parasitic urinary tract infection

Parasitic urinary tract infections include trichomonad urinary tract infection, urinary filariasis, urinary amebiasis, renal echinococcosis and so on. Due to its different infectious agents, pathogens and transmission routes, its clinical lesions are different.


Proximal tubular acidosis

Familial hemorrhagic nephritis

Menstrual sensation

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

Renal damage in hyperthyroidism

Focal glomerulosclerosis


Interstitial cystitis

Captopril renal damage

muscular dystrophy

Dystonia syndrome

Diaphragmatic paralysis

Myoclonic cerebellar coordination disorder

Basal ganglia calcification

Acute transverse myelitis

Acute suppurative myelitis

Acute suppurative meningitis

Acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis

Intraspinal hemorrhage

intramedullary abscess

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