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mycobacterium ulcerans infection

Mycobacterium ulcerans infection occurs all over the world, mainly in tropical rain forests. The natural host and human transmission route of the strain are not clear, and insects may be the transmission medium. Better than calf and forearm skin lesions. At first, it is a solid painless subcutaneous nodule. After breaking, it forms a necrotic ulcer. The edge is chiseled and slowly expanded. The surrounding skin is uplifted, with infiltration and pigmentation. The surface is dry. The bottom of the ulcer is an adhesive gray pseudomembrane. Generally, the ulcer is shallow, and some can be deep to the periosteum. It can be divided into pre ulcer (early stage), ulcer stage and post ulcer stage. Histopathology is different. Diagnosis requires culture and animal vaccination. Clofazimine is effective in systemic treatment,


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