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Menopausal arthritis

Menopausal arthritis is one of the manifestations of female climacteric syndrome. Female climacteric syndrome refers to a series of systemic pathological changes in women due to the degenerative changes of gonads, including the disorder of the balance and restriction relationship between hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis due to the surgical removal of bilateral ovaries or the destruction of bilateral ovaries after radiotherapy in the early stage of menopause. Its clinical manifestations are mental symptoms, autonomic nerve dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Some people have mild symptoms and do not affect their life, study and work, but more than 1 / 3 of women can have serious symptoms. Some people have short duration of these symptoms and can control themselves, while others have recurrent symptoms for more than 10 years. This disease belongs to the category of visceral dryness in traditional Chinese medicine.


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