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Lai's syndrome

Reyes syndrome (RS) is an acute progressive encephalopathy, also known as encephalopathy with visceral steatosis, Reye syndrome, viral infectious encephalopathy syndrome, hepatic massive steatosis acute encephalopathy syndrome, vomiting disease, hepatic liposis and so on. This syndrome is a syndrome with unknown etiology, which is mainly characterized by acute encephalopathy and hepatic steatosis. It was first reported by Australian pediatric pathologist Reye in 1963. Reye syndrome is a critical disease, which often presents encephalopathy symptoms such as acute intracranial hypertension, disturbance of consciousness and convulsion after precursor virus infection. It is often accompanied by severe brain edema, abnormal liver function and metabolic disorder. Most cases died of severe intracranial hypertension and cerebral hernia, or left serious neurological sequelae.


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