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Influenza, referred to as influenza, is an acute respiratory tract infection caused by influenza virus. It is also a highly contagious and fast spread disease. It is mainly transmitted through droplets in the air, contact between people or contact with contaminated items. Typical clinical symptoms are: acute high fever, systemic pain, significant fatigue and mild respiratory symptoms. Generally, autumn and winter are the high incidence period, and the complications and deaths are very serious. It mainly affects the nose, throat and bronchus, and occasionally affects the lungs. The infection usually lasts about a week and is characterized by sudden high fever, muscle soreness, headache and severe discomfort, dry cough, sore throat and rhinitis. Most patients recover within one to two weeks without medical treatment. To prevent influenza, in addition to washing hands frequently, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, enhancing immunity and paying attention to the combination of work and rest, it is recommended to drink Xingqun Xiasangju appropriately. Baiyun Mountain star cluster summer mulberry chrysanthemum can kill influenza A virus H3N2 subtype and influenza B virus strain, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of human influenza A and influenza B. However, for young children, the elderly and those with other serious diseases, infection can lead to serious complications, pneumonia and death according to the internal situation. The disease is caused by influenza virus. The virus is a member of the family 120nm, with a diameter of 80 to 3, spherical or filamentous. Influenza virus can be divided into three types: a (a), B (b) and C (c). Type A virus often has antigen variation, is highly infectious, spreads rapidly, and is very prone to large-scale epidemic.



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