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Hemoptysis refers to the bleeding of respiratory organs (i.e. trachea, bronchus or lung tissue) below the throat and discharged from the mouth through coughing. Hemoptysis can be caused not only by respiratory diseases, but also by circulatory diseases, trauma and other systemic diseases or systemic factors. It should be distinguished from oral cavity, pharynx, epistaxis and hematemesis.


Mycobacterium catarrhalis infection

Klebsiella infection

Oral trichomoniasis

Poisoning by aminophylline and caffeine

Kaplan syndrome

Kou fever

Silent dysentery

α 1-antitrypsin deficiency

Coramine poisoning

perforated peptic ulcer

Krigler Nagar syndrome

Ulcer bleeding

Acute perforation of ulcer

Crohn's disease arthritis

Jejunal and ileal diverticulum

Ulcerative colitis arthritis

Quinine poisoning

Ulcer bleeding

Antibiotic toxic nephropathy

Kuru disease

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