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Gonococcal proctitis anus

Gonococcal rectitis is mainly seen in gay men, accounting for 40%. Women are mostly caused by vaginal self infection, accounting for 35% ~ 50%. The symptoms of rectal gonococcal infection can only include anal pruritus, painless mucinous purulent secretion, or a small amount of bleeding. It can also show severe internal urgency, purulent stool, congestion of anal mucosa, purulent secretion, positive gonococcal culture, male homosexuals have no clinical symptoms, and most of the isolated gonococcal strains are drug-resistant strains, which may be due to the rapid killing of some highly sensitive strains by bile salts or fatty acids in stool, This kind of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is resistant to bile salts and fatty acids. There are often drug-resistant genes in the chromosome, so it is difficult to treat.


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