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Geriatric disease

Geriatric diseases, also known as geriatric diseases, refer to diseases related to aging and with their own characteristics. It is generally believed that people aged 45 to 59 are in the early stage of old age or early aging, 60 to 89 are in the old age, and more than 90 are in the long life.


Senile vaginitis

Piriformis syndrome

Epidemic hemorrhagic fever

Senile pneumonia

Lyme carditis

Old people are bedridden for a long time

Unstable angina pectoris in the elderly

Acute arterial embolism in the elderly

Watershed infarction in the elderly

Lung cancer in the elderly

Senile venous thrombosis

Dilated cardiomyopathy of the elderly

Abdominal aortic aneurysm in the elderly

Pulmonary tuberculosis in the elderly

Calcified valvular disease in the elderly

Lung abscess in the elderly

Variant angina pectoris in the elderly

Senile cerebral embolism

Septic shock in the elderly

Senile emphysema

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