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Fried Jue

Decocting syncope refers to the disease of syncope caused by internal heat eliminating and Shuo Yin liquid. It is mostly caused by the loss of yin and essence, the hyperactivity of Yang Qi and the suffering of summer heat disease. Clinical manifestations: tinnitus, deafness, blindness, and even sudden fainting. The development of the disease is very rapid.


Acute gastroenteritis

Secondary peritonitis

Melanosis of colon and rectum

Acute gastric dilatation

secondary purulent peritonitis

Familial Mediterranean fever

Colonic atresia

Familial colonic polyps

Fecal perforation of colon

Methanol poisoning

Colon injury

Colonic hypersensitivity

Colonic polyp

Melanosis coli


Colonic vascular malformation

Colonic fistula

Pseudomembranous enteritis

Lipoma of colon

Volvulus of colon

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