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Familial non medullary thyroid carcinoma

Non medullary thyroid carcinoma (NMTC) is a malignant tumor originated from thyroid follicular cells, including papillary carcinoma, follicular carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma, accounting for the majority of thyroid carcinoma. Medullary thyroid carcinoma originates from thyroid C cells. In the past, thyroid cancer with genetic tendency was mainly familial myeloid carcinoma, while non myeloid carcinoma was generally sporadic. In 1955, Robinson and orr in Britain first reported that a pair of identical twins suffered from non medullary thyroid cancer. In 1975, nemec et al reported that a mother and son had thyroid non myeloid carcinoma, which could clearly exclude radiation exposure and known familial diseases. Therefore, foreign scholars pay attention to the study of whether non medullary thyroid cancer has genetic tendency. In recent years, there are more and more reports and studies on familial non medullary thyroid carcinoma (fnmtc). Existing data have shown that familial thyroid non myeloid carcinoma, as a part of thyroid non myeloid carcinoma, has a genetic tendency and has its unique etiological, pathological and clinical characteristics.


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