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Elderly obstructive nephropathy

Obstructive nephropathy in the elderly is very common in clinic. Obstructive nephropathy refers to the disease of renal function and substantial damage caused by urinary flow disorder. The disease can occur acutely or chronically. The lesion is often unilateral, but many cases can also be bilateral. Urinary tract obstruction is usually an important cause of obstructive nephropathy, but if the obstruction does not affect the renal parenchyma, it is generally not called obstructive nephropathy, but obstructive uropathy. Hydronephrosis is usually a clinical finding in obstructive nephropathy, but many obstructive nephropathy (such as intrarenal obstruction) do not necessarily have hydronephrosis. At the same time, many cases, especially congenital ureteral malformation, can have renal pelvis dilatation, but not necessarily hydronephrosis.


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