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Convulsion, also referred to as convulsion, is the main form of epileptic seizures. It is mainly manifested by skeletal muscle motor seizures such as tonic or clonus, often accompanied by disturbance of consciousness. It is a common critical illness in children, which can occur in the process of many diseases. It has a sudden onset, rapid change and dangerous syndrome. It is listed as one of the four major syndromes in pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine. The incidence rate is higher in children aged 1 to 5 years. The younger the age is, the higher the morbidity. According to its clinical manifestations, it can be divided into two categories: acute convulsion and slow convulsion. The onset of acute convulsion is violent, and the clinical manifestations are mostly empirical. Chronic convulsions are often caused by long-term illness, but also by acute convulsions. Most of the clinical manifestations are deficiency syndrome.


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