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Cervical lymph node tuberculosis

Cervical lymph node tuberculosis (tuberculosis of lymph nodes) is called "Pandora" in traditional Chinese medicine. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is mostly invaded by oral cavity (dental caries) or tonsil, and there is no tuberculosis in clinic. A few tuberculosis cases secondary to lung or bronchi. The main clinical manifestation is cold abscess of local lymph nodes, and there are few systemic poisoning manifestations such as low fever, night sweat and weight loss. In the late stage, the lymph nodes become caseous, the sinus tract does not heal for a long time after rupture, and there is bean dregs like thin pus discharged. Comprehensive treatment measures should be taken for this disease. While standardizing anti tuberculosis treatment, properly removing infected lymph nodes or scraping sinus tract can promote the recovery of the disease.



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