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Aflatoxin poisoning

Aflatoxin is a molecular mycotoxin. China stipulates that the allowable amount of aflatoxin in rice and edible oil is 10ug / kg, and that in other grains, beans and fermented foods is 5ug / kg. Baby milk substitutes shall not be detected. The World Health Organization recommends that the maximum allowable amount of aflatoxin in food and feed is 15ng / kg. 30 ~ 50ua / kg is low toxicity, 50 ~ 100ug / kg is poisoning, 100 ~ 1000ug / kg is high toxicity, and more than 1000ug / kg is extremely toxic., Its toxicity is 10 times that of potassium cyanide and 68 times that of arsenic. In addition, aflatoxin has strong carcinogenicity.


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