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Adult female breast hypertrophy

Generally, when the breast of an adult woman develops to a certain extent, it stops growing. The normal breast should be located in the second to sixth thoracic ribs, with a weight of about 250 to 350g. If during the breast development period, one or both breasts are overdeveloped and increased due to excessive estrogen stimulation or special sensitivity to estrogen stimulation, exceeding the boundary and weight of the normal breast, it is called adult female breast hypertrophy, also known as macromastia. Some people have a rapid growth of breast development, which can be up to twice that of normal breast within 1-2 years. A few breasts droop and flatten the umbilicus, and even cross the groin. What's more, they reach the knee over the thigh (bone). Each breast weighs 5000-6000g, and more than ten kilograms are overweight.


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